OnAir Approach

Data is perhaps the most important asset that an investment manager possesses. Without quality data, buy-side managers will struggle to understand and manage the state of their investments and put themselves at risk of market exposure.

At OnAir, we understand various data feeds required for a successful reconciliation automation. With over 15 years of experience in managing data file onboarding for our Investment Management clients we offer a strategic approach to managing data extraction, enrichment and delivery to ‘best of breed’ business application technology platforms.

Key services:

  • Onboarding data feeds from various sources.
    • Investment Manager Accounting and Order Management systems
    • Prime Brokers
    • Custodians
    • 3rd Party Administrators
  • Identify the best data files necessary for each type of reconciliation
    • Positions
    • Transactions
    • Cash Balances
    • Collateral
    • Net Asset Value Reconciliation
    • Futures Open Trade Equity
  • Automate the file delivery and consumption
    • Set up secure FTP feeds between counterparty and Investment Manager
    • Manual downloads for banks without automated feeds
  • Data enrichment and Validations
    • Data normalization
    • Standardization of data feeds – Transaction Types and Asset Types
    • Data validation – Daily validation of Cash Balance delta VS Transaction activity