OnAir Approach

Whether you have an established system in place, or are looking to implement a new solution from ground up, we are here to help.

At OnAir, we know Reconciliation is one of many mission critical back office functions. Our unique workflow analysis approach takes a birds eye view of the entire back office operation and quickly identifies any bottlenecks and pain points.


kai zen (CHANGE for better)

At OnAir, we are big fans of Kai Zen - the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement aimed at eliminating waste and improving work flows.

We deliver positive change, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality. We engage all levels of an organization from day one, building momentum and capabilities to sustain the success.

partner with us

Our clients are our business partners. We share your aspirations, work to understand your reality; and align our incentives with your objectives - so you know we're in this together.

We care for your business as our business.



B.Y.O.V. - Bring your own vendor

A typical back office environment relies on 15-20 software solutions for day-to-day operations. Having multiple vendors with sometimes competing priorities and requirements is a major challenge to building a well integrated back office.

At On-Air, we are vendor agnostic. We work with all your solution providers to bring together long established and new systems.