OnAir Approach

Whether you have an established system in place, or are looking to implement a new solution from ground up, we are here to help.

At OnAir, we know Reconciliation is one of many mission critical back office functions. Our unique workflow analysis approach takes a birds eye view of the entire back office operation and quickly identifies any bottlenecks and pain points.

Key optimization tasks:

reconciliation Automation:

  • Positions, Transactions, Cash Balance

  • NAV, Bank Loan, Collateral, OTE/Futures

  • Daily vs Month End


  • Performance and Management Reports

  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Scheduled and Ad-Hoc audit reports

Systems integration:

  • Accounting system data extracts and imports
  • OMS and Treasury Management System Interfacing

Training and knowledge transfer

  • Best practice capture and documentation
    • Reconciliation Progress Approval Framework
    • Exception Management and Prioritization